HLM Wood Products was incorporated on 24 January 2003 and started its business in March 2003 It has been in the business of timber  and timber  products mainly for the export market particularly  North  America and  United  Arab  Emirates. The products  are  shiplap floorings, dressed four sides timber  (S4S), Keruing stakes and tie slats meant for the transport  industry and floor boards for outdoor use meant for the marine industry.


The company has been concentrating mainly in the export market. The company's key management has very wide experience in the timber industry particularly in timber mouldings to most of the importing  countries such as USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea, China, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.


Besides the European market they have penetrated to the North American and the UAE markets due to the simplicity of its products, easier access to raw material availability, and the stable prices on the products. HLM has successfully exported Truck floorings  and its associated products such as tie  slats and Keruing stakes for  the  American and  Canadian markets. Decking  materials have been sold for the marina in the Middle East.


For the truck floors we mainly use Keruing, Kapur and Keladan species of timber  as they are mainly preferred by the buyers. For the decking materials we use Red Balau timber  as it is a heavy hardwood category, and preferred by the buyers. Besides Red Balau , Merbau is also used as an alternative for higher end markets